Church Family News

26th September- 2nd October

"And the LORD said to David, ‘You will shepherd my people Israel, and you will become their ruler'.”

When all the elders of Israel had come to King David at Hebron, the king made a covenant with them at Hebron before the LORD, and they anointed David king over Israel." (2 Samuel 5, v2-3)


Dear friends,

Whilst it might not always seem as though Jesus (or anybody) is on the throne of our world, 2 Samuel wants us utterly assured that he really does rule. Let's pray that day by day we trust and surrender to his loving reign of all our lives, including those areas where we'd rather remain in charge - for God is building his King's kingdom, despite and through our chaos.

It was a joy to gather together yesterday and as our Yr 7 & 8 youth now join us in the main service, let's really ensure they're made especially welcome and included each week - don't be afraid to say "hi" and hear about their week too!

As ever, looking forward to seeing lots of you at Life Groups throughout the week.

Your friend and brother,




Praise the Lord for the time we together, and may we increasingly praise and trust as we sang that 'o'er all things he wonderfully reigneth.'


Pray for the ongoing situation in Ukraine. Please pray for peace and an end to the violence. Pray for a humility amongst those involved and for Jesus' followers to take refuge in him.


Pray for our Cafe & Play for church Mum's to meet local Mums. Pray too for our Life Groups this evening. Pray it would be an encouraging time gathering together.


Pray for PCC meeting tonight, pray for godly unity as our leadership meet. Please also pray for our precious and persecuted brothers and sisters who meet in constant fear, but always rejoicing (what an example to us they are) ---> here.


Pray for our prayer zoom this morning. Pray also for a colleague, neighbour, friend or family members that you're going to see today. Pray that your witness in word and deed might point them to Jesus.


Pray for our service tomorrow, please pray for Gideon leading and Adam preaching. 
Pray also for the escalating troubles in Iran, as helpfully guided here.


Pray for someone you chatted to this morning - and consider how you might be in touch in the week to encourage them in the Lord.





Oakhill (just up the road) are putting on a wonderful and ever relevant session to help us as parents, godparents, uncle, aunties, grandparents, friends, church family members of teenagers. It's a session to help us think through how to care and support teenagers we know suffering with mental health vulnerabilities. Check it out here


news last time



We'd love to hear from you all about the songs that we sing at Christ Church. We will be having a box at church this Sunday, so please pop in your suggestions and as a leadership team we would love to have a listen and think about introducing them. Please email James you suggestions too.



It's great to open our doors on Wednesday mornings in September for Mums from the local community to meet us and one another. Please do let any Mum you know with an under 1 about it. See our website for further details. 



On the 15th October we're considering opening the doors of the church to our church family and the Crouch End community so that for those who would appreciate it the church can be a space of quiet. If you'd be interested in facilitating this and advertising it to our community please be in touch here.




Podcast - Bible Books in 30minutes

This was recommended recently and it's very good indeed. If you want to get your bearings in 2 Samuel, or any Bible book, this free, warm, wise and clear podcast is superb - just search for it wherever you get your podcasts, or click here if you're on an Apple device.

Any blogs, articles, podcasts or books to recommend and share? Just let Adam know