Church Family News

27 Nov - 3 Dec

"But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found." Luke 15v32

Dear friends

What a joy it was to celebrate the gospel through Jesus' famous parable, celebrating His work in the lives of Jack and Laura, and committing Luke to walk this life with faith in Christ.

Thanks for all those who welcomed so many guests, and indeed to the two (you know who you are) who came in last week to repair the projector - so grateful! Similar thanks to the team (and you know who YOU are) who so beautifully decorated the church for Christmas and installed the new screen to ensure all can see and be part of things. We really do have the very best news to share, so let's prayerfully commit all our endeavours starting this Friday for the month ahead, to that end and for His glory.

This week we have our prayer supper, so please come. It's the most important aspect of all our preparations, as we commit all our plans to Him. We'll also hear an update from General Synod in light of recent proposals re: same sex blessings. 

In all the busyness of home, work and church, please do make time to ponder anew the extraordinary truths of Christmas. Our free advent book and family resource are aimed to do just that, so if you missed yours yesterday, do pick up this week or coming Sunday.

By His grace




Thank God for his grace on sinners like us and pray we would have the right view of our compassionate Heavenly Father.  Pray that many would come home to him this Christmas season. 


Pray for those struggling in the cost of living crisis.  Pray for the government to be fair, kind and generous as they make decisions and pray they would prioritise the vulnerable in our society.


As we meet to pray tonight, ask that many would come with joy and excitement to speak to our Father in Heaven.  Pray that our prayers would be in line with His will and that we would see many answers to prayer this Christmas season.  


Thank God for Adam as he leads us here at Christ Church.  Pray that God would sustain him in his faithful service.  Pray particularly for passion as he shares the good news of Christmas and a refreshing break with family over New Year.  


Pray for the Wreath Making Event happening tonight at church.  Pray guests would have a great time and that it would be the next step in them coming to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  


Lift up to the Lord the work of Faith in Kids which prepares resources for teaching children about Jesus.  Pray that their Christmas material would bless many churches this year.  Pray on for the team to have all they need to continue equipping this vital ministry.


Pray for soft hearts as we look at Jesus in Luke's gospel this Sunday.  Pray for expectant and prayerful hearts as we go flyering together after the service and that many would accept our invitation to join us at church this Christmas.  


We'd love to share Jesus with many in Crouch End - see the flyers attached to send as invitations to your friends and family!

Lots of help is needed to make Christmas at Christ Church happen...

  • We'll be flyering Sunday 3rd December after the morning service - stick around to help us (we'll feed you and might even break out the mince pies!)
  • Help at our Christmas Services - click here to sign up. 
  • Help with the Crossteach Christmas Experience for schoolchildren at Christ Church Mon 18th Dec (9am-4pm, DBS required) Click here to sign up.

Some of our church family are without places to go this Christmas.  If you are staying in London and would be willing to host some church family for Christmas lunch please let us know by clicking here


How can we get ready for the greatest outreach opportunity of the year?  Have a read of the article below to get inspired for this Christmas:

2 Ways to Approach Outreach This Christmas (