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8-14 April

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel. (Gen 3.15)

Dear friends 

Hearing God's sentence at sin isn't easy, but knowing the reason helps me rejoice in the remedy. And the more I reflect on the opening chapters of Genesis, I find no better explanation (neither philosophical nor scientific) for the world and life as we know it. And within God's judgement, the indication of mercy by His provision and plan. We are privileged to know the One who crushed the serpent's head. Let's help one another live longing for His return, using the time to proclaim the gospel to as many as we can.


With His love


P.S.  Please note in your diaries there will be no service on Sunday 14th April as this is the church weekend away.




Reflect on the consequences of sin and how you see that in your own life and in the wider world.  Spend time repenting of your sin.  Praise God for Jesus who brings us back into relationship with God and who crushes the serpent's head.


Pray for good times of rest, refreshment and encouragement over the Easter holidays for our church family.  Pray even as our regular midweek meetings pause, we would continue to reach out in love and care to one another. 


Thank God for the many church services happening this week all over the country.  Pray for God to be clearly proclaiming the death and resurrection of Jesus as the hope for all the nations.  Pray many would come to faith this Easter time.  


Think on the supper Jesus shared with his friends the night before he died.  Consider how his body was broken and blood shed for you.  Spend time thanking Jesus for his sacrifice.


Pray our service today would help us all understand more deeply the significance of Jesus' death on our behalf.  Pray we would share the truth of the cross with our friends, family and neighbourhood.


Spend time praying for persecuted Christians who are in danger as the gather to celebrate this Easter.  Pray for God to protect them and strengthen their faith.  Pray even in such hard circumstances God would give them joy this Easter as they see the victory Christ has won over sin and death.  


Happy Easter!  Lift praises up to the Lord for the risen Jesus and the hope and confidence his resurrection brings us.  Pray many would join us at our service today and guests would feel welcomed and amazed at the story of Easter.






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