Church Family News

8-14 July


Dear friends 

We really are so very grateful for this sabbatical period of study leave. Our gospel partnership is a precious thing and it has been a wonderful time in so many ways for so many years. We now look forward to taking a pause, enjoying time together as a family, holidays, catching up with long and not-quite-lost friends, visiting mission partners and prayerfully planning the next chapter in serving the Lord here together.

We're so grateful for God's provision of Ilho as our Associate Minister, from summer 2025. Time really will fly by. Meantime, we covet your prayers as ours will be for you, in line with the themes of 2 John that we recently heard: that we keep walking in the truth and love - helping one another listen, learn and obey God's word which keeps us firmly rooted in God's love.

By God's grace, the leadership team at Christ Church is wonderfully gifted, humble and thus leaving you such safe hands. From elders, PCC, Char, to all the Life Group and Ministry Team leaders, they know that above all else we're to keep walking in Christ. It might well be that by our own besetting sins and Satan's schemes, distractions and disruptions try to knock our stride, tempt us to 'run ahead' from Christ. But as the apostle John reminds us, let's just keep walking in the truth and thus loving one another.

I commend Allan Baird to you, who is kindly covering a significant number of Sunday services. I know you'll welcome and support Allan, Jo and family as they enjoy some weekends here in North London - rather different to the Cotswolds! Allan won't be 'in residence' daily for the duration, just a good number of Sundays. Your usual Life Group leaders will be around midweek, when for October you'll consider 'God's Rescue Mission' in Life Groups.

Kate, the children and I really do look forward and anticipate returning refreshed in every sense of the word, after October half term. We'll then be all eyes on Christmas (best put the sprouts on now), before resuming our sermons in 1 Corinthians from January…. and before we know it, Ilho and family will have joined us too. Meantime, don't be offended by the radio silence from us. We've been assured by others who've done this before that it's best for all if a break is a real break, strange as it'll feel. Yes, that includes our screens and message platforms. It's not personal, and we'll be back before you know it!

Until then, may we all keep walking in Christ.  He is the One - as those who'll share our Summer Read this year will meditate on - who is gentle and lowly of heart, a rest for our souls (Matthew 11.29).

With His love and by His grace,

Adam and Kate and co.




Talk to God about times in your life when you have felt mocked or ridiculed for your faith, or when you have seen that happen to Christians you love.  Pray that God would help us to keep looking to Him in these trials and that we would wait faithfully for His mercy.


Thank God for Adam & Kate and the kids and all the ways their service and sacrifice has blessed us as a church family over the last 10 years.  Pray their Sabbatical rest would begin well and they would enjoy time with each other and the Lord.


Pray for those in our church family who our burdened by illness, bereavement or tragedy.  Ask for the Lord to comfort them and keep reminding them of His presence and help.  Pray we would love each other well in all the ups and downs of life. 


Lift up to the Lord a situation in the news you have heard today.  Ask for God's will to be done and pray that the light of the gospel would be seen as the events unfold.  Keep asking the Lord to have mercy on our world.


As you think about your plans over the summer, pray for opportunities wherever you find yourselves to share Jesus with those around you.  Pray that God would plant seeds in hearts which will bear fruit.


Spend some time praying for the persecuted church in Sudan.  Pray for peace and pray the latest conflict doesn't give extremists a renewed foothold in the country.  Pray God would encourage believers in Sudan, particularly those who are despondent, weary and hurt. During this time of uncertainty and unrest, pray God would help our brothers and sisters to be beacons of light that draw others to Him.


Pray that our service today would help us to keep walking through this hostile world to our home in heaven.  Thank God for His word and His Spirit to strengthen us.  Ask that God would be building up the church family today.






Over the summer we are encouraging the church family to read Dane Ortlund's wonderful book Gentle and Lowly.  This will be the discussion book for Wednesday Summerlink evenings.  Please click here to order your copy.




Our Christ Church summer reading book is Gentle & Lowly - click below to read about why this book will be good for our souls.  

Review: 'Gentle and Lowly' by Dane Ortlund (