Opening Our Buildings

UPDATE 18.9.20

In light of the new 'Rule of 6' please note this additional FAQ from the PCC:


Given the government's new Rule of 6 prevents 'mingling' across the groups, plus local passers by looking on at what will appear like a larger group ignoring the guidelines,  we ask that everyone heads home at the end of a Sunday service. Groups of up to 6 might might like to go for a walk or coffee together nearby, or do head home and join others for Zoom coffee, (details available from Adam).


UPDATE 1.9.20

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” (Acts 2.42)

We’re really excited and thankful to God that we can start meeting once again in person. It will certainly be ‘different’ and we can't all be together weekly, but wonderfully we can at least start meeting with a few others and welcoming guests through our doors. It will be great!

Here’s what to expect each week, followed by some FAQs:


8am (First Sunday of Month)

Lord's Supper using the Book of Common Prayer.

We’ll now be preaching the same sermon as at the 10.30am and there’ll be one or two changes to format ensuring the service is accessible to all and covid guidelines followed:

  • Adam will wear jacket and clerical collar, not robes.
  • Adam will lead all Scripture readings and liturgy.
  • All to sit in the main body of the church, socially distanced


On the first Sunday of the month it will be adults only; all other Sundays will have Christ Church regulars allocated to set Sundays – please see the calendar at the bottom of this document.

We hope this will make numbers manageable as we get underway, whilst ensuring we’ve always seats available for guests and any who struggle to access the livestream and/or most benefit from attending weekly.

two:42 (youth group for secondary school age children)

This wiill resume on Sunday evenings – keep an eye on the parents’ WhatsApp for details.


Small Group Bible Studies will continue over Zoom for the time being. Don’t forget you can now offer hospitality to others to reduce the number of screens and enjoy some company.

We are keen to start meeting again midweek in person, but for now wanted to:

  • Focus on getting Sundays up and running
  • Allow everyone time to adjust to new routines with schools and offices reopening
  • Keep enjoying the fellowship of whole households and those less able to attend in person

If you’re not yet in a Small Group we really encourage everybody to be involved in this way – whether you’re a mature Christian or making first steps - just contact Adam to find out more.


Commencing on Friday 11th, Mums’ Small Group will resume – sort of! Weather permitting, meet at the Vicarage from 10.15am-11.30am for a time of socially distanced catch ups and prayer. If you’re a mum at Christ Church and would like know more, keep an eye on the WhatsApp or contact Kate for more details about getting involved. Whether you’ve a child in arms or adult grandchildren, you’d be very welcome.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be signage and clear instructions about where to enter, where to sit and what to do?

Yes. We’re doing all we can to ensure everybody feels safe and covid guidelines are adhered to.

We will be entering through the West door only (the one at the back with the ramp) and exiting through the North door (the one we normally enter through!) This will provide a simple one way system.

Upon arrival, everybody will be asked to:

  • Sign in (for any future contact tracing)
  • Sanitise hands
  • Wear facemask (please bring your own)
  • Socially distance
  • Fill up pews from the front (to avoid passing too many people at once)

Signs on the pews will make it clear where you can and cannot sit.
Filling up from the front, we’ll be sitting in alternate pews with no more than one household/contact bubble per pew, or up to two individuals.

Above all, welcomers will be on hand to warmly explain what’s what, from as soon as you arrive.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes. In accordance with current guidelines, everybody over the age of 11yrs will be required to wear a facemask. Please bring your own, so spares can be offered to guests or any who forget.

The only people who aren't required to wear a mask are:

  • Children under 11yrs
  • Those who have medical reasons not to and bring their ID card
  • Those involved in the service from the front and socially distanced.

Welcomers will be issued with transparent full face shields, enabling smiles to be seen and instructions to be heard.

What will the format of the 10.30am service be?

For now, it’ll be just like the current livestream, just broadcast from inside the church building rather than the vicarage (and with a small weekly congregation). We want to start things simply and build from there as guidelines allow.

Will we share the Lord’s Supper?

Yes, every week. Once the livestream ends, we will share an informal Lord’s Supper for all who are able to stay. For now, this will mean:

  • The peace will not be shared
  • Only bread will be offered
  • Only Adam will touch and distribute the bread, with sanitised hands, wearing facemask and hygiene gloves.
  • Bread will be placed in to hands without making contact.
  • Socially distanced queuing as all wait to receive the bread.

Everything will be clearly explained at the time.

Will we be singing together?

Sorry, not yet. Guidelines prevent all congregational singing.

We’ll continue to enjoy the musical videos we’ve been using albeit our musicians are eager and willing to serve us once again! Just as soon as we're all in our stride and can do that best, we will.

Will there be Bibles and service sheets?

No. Please bring your own Bible or pick up one of our new Scripture Journals when you arrive. They have the passage and space for notes. Otherwise, everything will be projected on screen, (so bring your glasses if needs be!)

Will we be having coffee together?

Sadly not. Nor tea! We’re not permitted to spend longer than necessary in the building, both before and after the service, nor to serve refreshments.

For those who attend in person, we’ll encourage groups to meet outside in accordance with current guidelines, or head to coffee shops, local walks and please do offer and share hospitality at home.

For those who attend via the livestream, our Zoom coffee will continue and please see below about the new monthly 'Children’s Catch-Up Zoom’.

What format will children’s work take (under 11s)?

The first Sunday of the month is adults only, offering a space for those who’d feel more anxious meeting around children and for us all to mingle across our small groups.

For the others Sundays, the siderooms will be available with play space and simple craft activities so a parent can keep children occupied during the sermon if you prefer. If you’d rather stay as a family for the duration, that’s fine. We can cope with a little noise, or children distracted with quiet activities. We'll have a weekly children’s slot (initially on screen and eventually live) and sermons will kept to a length that’s manageable for all.

On the first Sunday, starting 6th September, we’ll offer a Children’s Catch-up Zoom’ after the livestream - a chance to play a game and say “hi” to one another. Children simply join the coffee with the same Meeting ID, from where they’ll be sent to their own ‘breakout room.’

Meantime, as we see how things go we’ll revise things and work out the best way of resuming children’s ministry.

What about all the children wanting to run around with their friends?

We really appreciate this is going to be tricky and certainly want our children to enjoy being together again. We’d appreciate it if parents could keep children in arm's reach. Many are getting the gist of things through the rules at nursery and school, so will quickly understand things are a little different for the moment. Try to encourage your little ones to sit with you during the service and do make use of the ‘play rooms’.

We really do look forward to seeing them and know the whole family is warmly welcomed as we love and bear with one another during this strange time.

What about those who cannot OR PREFER NOT TO attend and will remain at home?

For the time being, there will actually be more watching from home than in attendance and we will do all we can to ensure the service doesn’t feel like you’re simply watching from afar. Similarly, our practical love and support will continue.

Please think about inviting or joining someone to watch from home and then enjoy some lunch together.

I’d like to attend but require a lift, so am I just an inconveniece and placing others at risk?

Certainly not! There are people willing and eager to help by offering lifts and driving with masks, hand sanitiser etc. If you'd like a lift, just let your small group leader or Adam know.

Can we use the loos?

Yes, of course. They will be cleaned before and after each Sunday service, including the baby change and disabled access loo.

We ask that if you are waiting for a loo to become available, please don’t stand in the porch area but in main church building to ensure social distancing.

How do I know which Sundays I've been allocated to attend?

All adults are welcome to attend on the first Sunday of the month, commencing 6th September.

The other Sundays are allocated by small group to get us up and running - so do attend this first Sunday to see others across the wider church family.

We want to ensure numbers are manageable, friendships strengthened and guests are welcomed.

Please see the calendar below.

I’m a regular at Christ Church but not part of a midweek group, when MAY I attend?

You’ve very likely already been ‘adopted’ by a small group during the lockdown, to ensure you’re looked after, so please attend with that group - they’ll be in touch to clarify.

We also know that for lots of valid reasons, some will really benefit from simply attending each and every Sunday – someone will be in touch soon to ensure you're aware and if in doubt, just contact Adam.

I live locally and am new to Christ Church, or have only ever seen the livestream, am I welcome to attend?

Please do just come on any Sunday that suits. The livestream will continue, but if you live close enough to attend, we look forward to meeting you in person.

Couldn’t we just all meet outside each week, under a marquee?

There are restrictions and challenges both on numbers, technical setup and the British weather, so we’ll do the above for now. We also want to ensure we remain ‘beyond reproach’ to the local community and passers by who might be concerned by too large a gathering if we come close to breaching restrictions. Also, we’re not permitted to use the vicarage garden: it’s deemed a private garden and falls under the usual restrictions, (but as soon as we can throw a huge party, we will light the BBQ and get us all together!)

What about cleaning?

Contact points will be appropriately cleaned and sanitised after the 8am service, with wider cleaning of the whole building in accordance with covid based Risk Assessments and guidelines, carried out weekly in preparation.

What about my giving envelopes?

We’ve been advised by the Diocese to ask all those who kindly support the church financially, to consider moving to online banking and standing order so that no monies have to be handled. For more details, do email our treasurer.

Any envelopes received in the wall box, won’t be handled for 72hrs in accordance with the guidelines.

What health symptoms would prevent me from attending in person?

We ask that we all follow the government guidelines:

  • A new, continuous cough, where you cough a lot for more than an hour, or have three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
  • Fever - where your temperature is above 37.8C
  • Loss of smell or taste

Additionally, we want to especially show love to one another at a time where nobody needs any additional illness in the house. If your children have had a fever, sickness or diaorrhea within 48hrs, please do stay at home and let us know if there’s any practical help you’d appreciate.

What about making more use of the Church Hall?

We will, but not yet. Because of the cleaning that will be required before the nursery arrive early Monday morning, we’ll use our buildings as above for now. But we’ve not forgotten we have such a brilliant resource and will make proper use just as soon as is possible.

What about StoryBox?

For now, we think it best to take one step at a time and Sundays are our most important first step.

We're busy reviewing the shape and focus of all our wider ministries, to prioritise what we do and when.

What about our Christmas services?

Very likely this year will be an opportunity to think creatively about how we reach Crouch End with the good news of Christmas. Squashing hundreds in to sing carols is highly unlikely. Plans are afoot, watch this space and do share any ideas!


This will be church, "just not as we know it!" - and the experience of other local churches is that just seeing one another after such a long time, is a real joy.

How long will it go on like this?

Only the Lord knows! The above is a start to get us going again. We’ll regularly review and fix important things weekly, whilst we want to give this format a go until mid-October (half term) to see how we get on.

This is a time to be innovative and creative – so please don’t hesitate to keep making suggestions. And above all, we continue to pray that we'll soon be all back together in person, as opposed to all back in lockdown.

I’ve still got questions / concerns / ideas...

This is a first for us all and all input is welcomed and appreciated. Just send Adam an email to arrange to chat them through.


And finally....

Praise God we can now start seeing one another a little each Sunday. And so let’s make the best of it – please continue to offer hospitality to one another. This can be at home during the livestream, or heading back for lunch having been at the building in person.

Above all let’s delight in the privilege it is to meet with church family once again.

With Christ’s love

Rev'd Adam Pymble
For and on behalf of the PCC.



8am BCP and 10.30am Adults Only

6th September, 4th October, 1st November, 6th December


10.30am All Welcome

Adam & Beks' Small Group: 13th September, 11th October, 8th November

Tim & Graham's Small Group: 20th September, 18th October, 15th November

Rob & Chris and Jo's Small Group: 27th September, 25th October, 22nd November


*Dates proposed extend beyond any changes after half term, just in case.